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Liquid Assets – The Invoice Discounting Fund

We help businesses with cash flow, the capital to grow and help investors achieve great returns.

Cash Flow

Cash flow to a business can be like having your hands tied. We solve cash flow issues.


Supplying businesses with a turnover greater than $1m the capital to grow.


Fixed returns for Investors ranging from 6% to 8% per annum, paid quarterly. Minimum investment $25,000


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Liquid Assets, truly international invoice factoring. Vital for businesses, great for investors.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring : an asset-based working capital solution that allows businesses to get advances on cash they are due from customers, rather than waiting for those customers to pay.

Fast Credit

Liquid Assets helps your business’s cash flow by freeing up cash locked in customer invoices.

Liquid Investment

Liquid Assets allow you to invest more in your business, rather than having capital locked up.

International Exposure

Liquid Assets are truly international, allowing global businesses to take advantage of Invoice Factoring.

Risk Minimization

By spreading your investment between multiple companies and invoices, Liquid Assets ensures the risk related to your investment is minimized and protects both businesses and investors.

Flexible funding limits

Liquid Assets can tailor its services for your business, allowing for large and small invoices.

Business Cashflow

Ensure your business cashflow is liquid and available for your business at all times.

Quick Decisions

Liquid Assets will give you quick decisions, ensuring that you are aware of the situation of your invoices and investment at all times.

Highly Transparent

Liquid Assets are highly transparent, so you feel protected and secure, knowing your investment and business are receiving the levels of service you deserve.

Investor Benefits

A transparent, non market-correlated investment vehicle designed to give you stable, market leading returns.

6% to 8% Returns per Annum

Fixed returns of between 6% and 8% per annum, dividends paid quarterly. Minimum investment of $25,000

Non market-correlated investment

Investments in Liquid Assets are not directly correlated to moments in traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, shielding you from volatility in international markets.

Highly protected, liquid assets

Emergency access availability to funds, subject to terms and notice period.  

Business Benefits

We give your business an easy way to access finance for working capital through creating a straightforward way to release the money tied up in outstanding invoices back into your business.

Truly international Invoice Discounting

Liquid Assets’ fully cross jurisdiction service ensures that you can help your business grow wherever in the world it is based.

Improves your business cashflow

Cash-flow is the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important that it is managed effectively. Having access to money that is owed to your business will allow you to be more competitive and to further grow your business.

Releases cash into your business.

Invoice Discounting enables you to raise cash against your business invoices, rather than having to wait weeks or sometimes months for payments.

Invoice Discounting by Liquid Assets